City walk in Dobrich Old Town

There is one city in Bulgaria which is, according to me, very underrated and usually, people do not talk good about it. In my opinion, every place has its hidden gems if we are looking for them. This is the reason why I decided to head to Dobrich and to prove that there is a lot to see in the capital of the Dobrudzha region.

First stop: Literature museum ”Yordan Yovkov”

Literature museum ”Yordan Yovkov”

The Literature Museum of Dobrich, called after the famous Bulgarian writer Yordan Yovkov, has two important exhibitions. The first one is dedicated to Dora Gabe – Bulgarian poetess from a noble family and whose origins come from the Dobrudzha. All her children’s books, as well as her poems, are kept in the museum. There is a little corner dedicated to the study where she worked and spent most of her life.

Dora Gabe’s study

The second part of the hall is about Yordan Yovkov’s novels, theatre plays, and life. Copies of his books translated into different languages can be seen in the museum. Props of one of his most famous theater plays – ”Albena” are exposed as well.

In front of the imposing museum building is located a monument of Yordan Yovkov in memorial to his great literature contribution.

Props of the theater play ”Albena” by Yordan Tovkov

After the Literature Museum, I continue straight ahead to the Old Town.

Suddenly a beautiful church captures my attention and I decide to pay a visit.

The Church of St Martyr George in Dobrich

The Church of St Martyr George

The church is located in the city center and is stunning from the outside with its beautiful frescos. Not only the church is a must-see, but, there are two important monuments in front of the church – a monument of the Apostle Vasil Levski, and a fountain with a white swallow encrusted in the stone. The White Swallow symbolizes the faith in the eponymous novel of Yordan Yovkov ”The White Swallow”. The White Swallow is one of the symbols of Dobrich and if you are curious enough, you will see it around you ):

The White Swallow

Old Dobrich

After ten minutes I arrived at my destination – the Old Dobrich. The first shop on the street is a coffee shop. As the weather was nice, I treated myself a coffee with a view. Next to it, is located the famous Dobrich bakery which sold only pretzels in the past. Dobrich pretzels are really worth tasting, so it was time for breakfast): I bought a homemade bread with cheese (домашна питка) as a ”souvenir” to bring back home. I highly recommend you to try the homemade bread or other dough products, you will not regret it!!!


Continuing down the street, I was entering the little craftsmen shops – there is a pottery shop, a woodcarving shop, Bulgarian embroidery shop, a hatter, icons’ painter shop and others. At the end of the street is situated the Tower Clock that helped the artisans in the past to know at what time of the day to open and to close the shops.

Woodcarving shop

That was my half-day spent in Dobrich. I am glad I made it and did not listen to others and discovered the beauty of Dobrich myself. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they are felt with the heart.”― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

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