Book review “Happy People Read and Drink Coffee” by Agnes Martin-Lugand

A book about grief, love and simple things in life

I believe grief is inevitable for anyone and we will all experience it one day or another. Agnes meets it totally unexpectedly and looses her beloved husband Colin and their daughter Clara in a car accident. She could not accept life without them. She encloses herself physically and emotionally in her apartment to grief, and who knows, maybe, to die of sorrow. Fortunately, her best friend Felix is here to bring her food, cigarettes, to try to cheer her up. And this is priceless, to have family and friends who will be always there for you. Felix never leaves Diane for the best and for the worst. To escape the sorrow, Diane embarks on a journey to a remote area in Ireland where she does not expect to meet anyone. But au contraire! That’s the place where she will fell in love again!

Escape life and fall in love again

When one door closes, another one opens and this book shows it perfectly

The story of Diane and Edward is to be continued in “Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy”. Diane is given the chance to be a stepmother. Nor is her husband who resurrect, neither her beloved Clara, but the messy and rebellious photographer Edward and his son Declan. On the other hand, Declan happens to just have lost his mother and got a father instead. Seems like complicated, but in the end, life for Dian is easy again!

Don't Worry, Life Is Easy
“Don’t Worry, Life Is Easy”

Nothing is lost in this world, it just takes another form and meets us with other people.

So what do happy people do in life after all?

They drink coffee

Most of all They read

And They travel

As a result, they write about it (in their blogs)

In addition they make photos of each moment

Furthermore, They watch movies

And sunrises and sunsets

Most noteworthy, they invest in experiences

They cook

As a result They try new tastes

Seems like, they have a bucket list and tick all the points with great pleasure

They go to work

Consequently, they meet new people

Most of all, they find a way to escape the routine by immersing themselves in new activities

They connect with nature every time they can

Finally, They live their lives at the fullest.

How about you? Are you a happy person who reads and drinks coffee?

Happy People Read and Drink Coffee
Happy People Read and Drink Coffee

Thanks for reading!