Second six months of 2019 – what did they bring in my life?

It’s been almost 2 months that I haven’t written in my blog and I am excited to restart with new fresh ideas. Well, it’s already February, but still, I would like to go back and list some nice memories of the second six months of 2019.

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Beach, bar, relax

I came back from my long business trip in Krakow, Poland and that’s where the real corporate life began. Rome was not built in a day, so it was a matter of time to go back on track. In the middle of the summer, it was also time to enjoy the seaside and the beach and the sun and the cocktails!!!! Me and my husband, we committed to visiting a different place on the Nord Black Sea Coast every weekend.

White Lagoon

In July, we went to Ravda for, but unfortunately, it was the only rainy weekend for the whole summer. My mother was there for the high season, so we went on an organized dinner called “Bulgarian village experience”. We had such a great time and enjoyed a traditional dinner and atmosphere.

Bulgarian village experience

I turned 35 at the end of July and this year I decided that I am not going to have a party, neither a dinner and instead, I will collect the money I would otherwise spend on celebrating my birthday and will donate it to a cause of my choice.

As I am a big fan of experiences, me and my husband, we went on a romantic boat trip in Varna Bay for my special day. 

Boat trip in Varna Bay

August: For the first time in my life, I participated in Zheravna festival and wore a traditional Bulgarian dress. The Zheravna festival takes place in August every year and I am very happy I could make it.

Zheravna festival

At the end of the month, I was invited to a Czech wedding in Opava and had the opportunity to visit Prague on my way to Opava. The wedding was gorgeous, and everything was just perfect – the ceremony, the location, the timing and the Hradec nad Marovici castle.

Hradec nad Moravici

September: the summer in Varna continued and it was a great time to hit the road.

First stop: Tyulenovo and Natural Reserve Yaylata. Tyulenovo was on my list for a few years and it’s a great location to make outstanding photos. The reserve of Yaylata is also a place of interest as nature is wild there and you can enjoy a great panoramic view of the seaside.


Second stop: Kamchia. Kamchia resort is a very beautiful place with a wild beach and nature around. One of the top experiences to try there is a boat trip over Kamchia river. The river is longed with loose trees on both sides and flows into the Black Sea.


After Kamchia, it was time to become an islander and to visit St Anastasia island. It’s located nearby Burgas, so we had to drive to Burgas first and take a ferry to St Anastasia island. There was a prison on the island during the communist regime and it was transformed into a romantic island with crystal waters recently.

St Anastasia Island

Me and my mother, we have a tradition to go somewhere together at least once a year. This year, we decided to visit Prohodna Cave and Krushuna waterfalls. Well, the weekend we booked was rich in experiences and we managed to visit 7 different places at one go!!!

Prohodna cave

October: the time has come to become a team player and to head to a team-building in Blagoevgrad. It was fun to play games with my colleagues and to have a great party afterwards. Well, the highlight of the trip, however, was a spontaneous walking tour in Blagoevgrad and the old part of the city. It was raining, but the rain did not stop us to enjoy the moment.


As the summer continued in October, one Sunday we drove to the Oldest Lighthouse in Shabla. It was autumn time and the beach was desert. Shabla is a great place for wild nature lovers and I will go back in the spring again.

Oldest Lighthouse in Shabla

In the past year, I was trying to simplify my life and to declutter every corner of my house, my life and my mind. I must admit that it’s not easy. My intention is to fill my life with more experiences and memories, not with stuff. My greatest achievement this year was that I did not buy unnecessary clothes. Instead, I saved more for travelling):

Declutter your life

Sweet November was in the air and it was time to go abroad):

First destination: Constanta and the Historical Casino of Constanta. Constanza is a small town on the Black Sea Coast, located in 120 km Nord from Varna. The greatest attraction of the town is the Old Casino situated on the Sea. There is a mosque with stairs leading to a great panoramic view of the whole marina. The great poet Ovidiu lived in Constanza and his statue can be seen in the heart of the city. I would highly recommend Constanta for a city escape to anyone who loves travelling.


In November, I finally managed to tick one of my dream destinations: Istanbul. One visit to Istanbul is not enough to see everything, so that why I’ve chosen in advance what I would like to see there. Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque were my top favourites together with the Prices islands and Galata district. Next time, I will organize my trip on my own and will make the best of it with more food and dervishes.

Blue Mosque in Istanbul

In November I subscribed to a pasta cooking workshop and finally learned how to prepare homemade fresh pasta. Yummy!!!!!

Corso di pasta

December: during the last month of the year I evaluated the past year and spent some quality time with my family. I evaluated the year through a 30-day photo challenge with all the greatest experience I had in 2019 posted on my Instagram account. For more information, follow me on….

Christmas time 2019

December is the month of presents and charity. I cannot help everyone but do my best to help when I can and donate for causes I care. A charity Christmas market was organized at work as well as a great Christmas party followed by Secret Santa!!! A great end of the year!!!!

 I will finish my article with a picture taken on the 2.01.2020!!!

Second of January 2020

Have an unforgettable year ya all!!!!


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