5 Places to visit on the Black Sea Coast for the beach and something else

Summer is about to end and I am in a hurry to visit all the places on the North Black Sea Coast I did not visit yet!!! All of them allow doing other activities than lying on the beach in case the weather gets fresh.

The first one is Pobiti Kamani

Pobiti Kamani (Побити камъни in Bulgarian), also known as The Stone Desert is a desert-like parc of rock formations located in 20km² from Varna. This place is one of my favourite spots because it’s considered being a very strong energetically place. As per the legends, it’s very beneficial to lay down on the stones and to get in touch with them. The name of the natural phenomenon literally means ”stuck in the sandstones” and they look like being stuck in the sand in the middle of a desert area. Pobiti Kamani along with the Dune of Pilat in the Arcachon area (Bordeaux, France), the Dunes of Loon and Drunen (Tilburg, the Netherlands) are the only desert-like areas in Europe. For me, this place is a sort of esoteric place and very few are those who feel its energy. I highly recommend you to visit the park when it’s not very hot as it’s a desert ):

Pobiti Kamani

The next place I wanted to visit before the end of the summer is the reserve Yailata and Tyulenovo.

Yailata is a natural reserve with ancient cave living formations, there is a winery, a rock church and other remnants of an ancient civilisation. There are interesting figures and images encrusted in the rocks when you enter the church and the bigger caves. It’s a massive natural reserve where you can have a hike, go down of the hills to the sea and admire the beautiful crystal waters. it’s an open plateau and it might be very hot in the summer. Not many are hanging out there as it’s not so popular yet, and it’s good to unwind a little bit on a Sunday morning.

Nearby is located in the beautiful village of Tyulnovo. There is no real beach – only rocks, stones and crystal clear waters. Many people go there for diving as there are underwater caves and interesting formations. There is a restaurant with a view of the sea as well as beautiful cliffs for jumping in the water. Photo Plein airs are organized in Tyulenovo in May for all the photo addicts as this is the time when the peonies are blooming.


The third place I went to and the one I liked the less is The White Lagoon.

It’s a hidden wild beach located near Balchik. The waters are turquoise, but the beach is covered with stones and it’s a little bit uncomfortable to swim in. It’s a quiet place out of the crowded resorts and if you want to detox at the fullest, that’s the place for you!

White Lagoon

The next place on my list is Kamchiya.

Kamchiya is a low-cost resort with a wild beach where you can rent a bungalow or camp on the beach. The beach is amazing – crystal clear waters, not as crowded as the big resorts, if the weather is fresh, you can go on a boat trip on the Kamchiya river. The river is a biosphere reserve with alluvial longose groves or the Longoz as it is known. You can admire abundant vegetation and if you are lucky enough you’ll see turtles and other habitants.


The last place I visited is St Anastasia Island.

The island is located nearby Burgas and became popular a few years ago. During the communist regime, it was a prison called ”Bolshevik” where political enemies were sent to. To get to the island, you have to book a return ticket for a boat. The boat takes you there and brings you back to Burgas two hours later. The island is very tiny and 30 minutes are enough to visit it and take some pictures. There is a museum open to the public; a cafe with a mind-blowing view of the sea; a hotel for a romantic escape if you wish to spend a night on an island. There is a church dated as of the 16th century with authentic icons on the walls partially visible and partially gone with the time. To our surprise, the water was warm and we could chill on the beach. After two hours we were on our way back to Burgas.

St Anastasia island

That was my last summer article for this year. What are your plans for the autumn?

Thanks for reading!

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