Hidden paths for one weekend – Glojen Monastery, Prohodna Cave, Krushuna Waterfalls and more

When we came back to Bulgaria, I decided to travel more in my homeland and I take every opportunity to accomplish my goal. Last weekend, I headed on an organized trip to Prohodna cave and Krushuna waterfalls, but on our way, I learned there will be more surprises than I expected!!! We actually visited 7 gorgeous spots!!! Keep reading….

First stop The Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ in Shipka town

I’ve already visited the church but enjoyed it again as its location is magnificent. It’s located on a hill and the church in Russian style is just gorgeous with its golden cupolas and bright colors on the facade. It was a nice first stop for some break out there before heading to Glojen Monastery.

The Memorial Temple of the Birth of Christ in Shipka town

Glojen monastery

Glojen monastery is considered being one of the most stunning ones in Bulgaria. It’s difficult to reach it as it’s hidden in the woods. It’s difficult to make a decent picture of it as it’s very big and you have to follow the path in the woods to go to a special spot for photo shooting. I cannot say that I am impressed, but it was nice to tick one more place on my list ):

Glojen monastery

Next stop: God’s eyes on me or Prohodna cave 

Prohodna cave has become famous because of the two big holes on its top looking like God’s eyes. It’s recommended to visit this natural phenomenon during the day light hours as the light coming through the ”God’s eyes” makes it looks divine and the pictures you will make would be none of this world. The cave is small, no more than 30 minutes are needed there unless you are an experienced climber and are up for conquering that one too.

Prohodna cave

Natural reserve Iskar – Panega

As we had time in the evening, we got a bonus and went for a hike in the Natural reserve of Iskar – Panega. It’s a natural reserve with greenery and the Iskar river flowing through the woods. You can hike and admire the colors of the upcoming autumn. The best of it was the golden sunset we could watch on our way back.

Natural reserve Iskar – Panega

Saeva dupka cave

The next morning we got another surprise and headed to visit the cave Saeve Dupka. Saeva dupka is a very interesting cave as you can see different figures made naturally like animals – an elephant, a giraffe, a hen, Santa Klaus, a monastery in a hill and more. It’s fascinating and worth visiting.

Saeva dupka cave

Highlight of the second day: Krushuna waterfalls

Krushuna waterfalls are located in Lovech region, a place with many historical and natural sights to visit. Krushuna waterfalls are among the most beautiful ones. They are not big, neither abundant of water as the ones in Iceland, but still, attract a lot of visitors. You need at least 2 hours to hike around and to take pictures. I believe you can also go for a shower is the weather allows it. The best period to visit the waterfalls is in spring.

Krushuna waterfalls

The last stop of our ”Discover Bulgaria” trip was the open-air museum of Etara.

Etara is an open-air museum representing all the typical crafts of Gabrovo region and showing how people have lived in the past. Typical Bulgarian houses are located in a street that represents everyday life back at the days. There are craftsmen shops where you can learn more about crafts and buy handmade objects if you wish so. The best for me, however, is the sweet shop and the bakery where you can taste handmade delights and buy some to bring back home. Etara is a must-see place, with its amazing dükkân – means little shops in Turskih; also used in Bulgarian) where crafts revive – there are shops for leather products, a pottery making shop, shops for silverware and woodcarving, national folk instruments’ shop, a bakery and sweets shop with a cafe. Gabrovo region is rich in tourist attractions – the town-museum of Tryavna is nearby, Bozhentsi village also, Bacho Kiro cave, The Monastery of Dryanovo, Gabrovo, Sokolski Monastery and others.

Open-air museum near Gabrovo ”Etara”

That was my hectic weekend on wheels in Bulgaria. How was yours?

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