Czech wedding in Hradec nad Marovici

Czech wedding

I was invited to a wedding of a Czech friend of mine this summer. The wedding was planned to take place in Hradec nad Marovici – a castle nearby Opava (Eastern Czech Republic). So, I decided to accept the invitation, booked few days in Prague, found a hotel in between Opava and Hradec nad Marovici and bought a nice dress for the occasion.

Czech wedding

Hradec nad Marovici

The wedding was on the 24.08.2019 and the ceremony started at 11.00 in the nearby church. That was my first time to participate in a Catholic wedding in a church. The ceremony was just literally divine. Actually, everything was like in a fairy tale – the castle, the prince and the princess, the joy and happiness spread around. After the ceremony, we were invited to lunch in the castle’s restaurant. The lunch was typical Czech – soup, main course with meat and dessert with a coffee. We had some free time after lunch and I decided to have a walk in the beautiful gardens of Hradec nad Marovici. It’s a huge castle complex with another, smaller castle inside and gorgeous gardens and paths to explore all day long. After the afternoon break, it was time for the newlyweds to cut the wedding cake. A cocktail followed and the sun has slowly begun to set. The sunset over the castle was just marvellous. As a blogger, I made tons of photos of everything, but the highlight for me was the sunset over this beautiful venue. The evening ended with a delicious dinner, cocktails and dance floor.

Sunset over Hradec nad Marovici


The next day, I decided to explore Opava. It’s a small town and all the locals I met and asked ”What would you recommend to see in Opava?”, gave me the same answer – ”Well, it’s a really small town”. I know from experience that no mater where you go, there is always something to see and discover. I headed to the city center and just before arriving there, I ended up in a very beautiful park, green and flourishing with giant statues of birds which heads turn to the left and right. For sure, the park is my favourite spot in Opava.

Giant birds Opava park

Silesian Museum is located inside the park, so if you have the time and want to know more about the history of the town, give it a try.

Silesian Museum

At one of the exits from the park to the town centre, you will see a gallery of modern art. The building from the inside is worth visiting, but the notes under everything you can see there are in Czech. Outside the building, at the entrance to the town centre, dangle interesting modern sculptures. Have a look up to the left and right and admire them for a second. A real masterpiece from my perspective!!!

Street art in Opava

I was winding down the town centre for a few hours, get a delicious ice cream and returned back to the park as it was on my way back to the hotel.

Opava city guide

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