The oldest lighthouse in Bulgaria – Shabla, lakes and the sea

The only thing I knew about Shabla before visiting it was that the oldest lighthouse in the country is located there. For me, the Shabla Lighthouse was the guardian of the Black Sea and the easternmost point of our homeland.

We headed to Shabla spontaneously as the weather was very warm for October and that what we actually discovered there!!! Keep reading….

Shabla Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is the first thing you see in Shabla. It’s located in front of the sea like a master. Shabla lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in the country and is the symbol of the city of Shabla. The lighthouse marks the eastern point of Bulgaria and that’s where the sun starts to shine first over the country.

Shabla lighthouse

Let’s celebrate Sun

A little park full of symbols related to sun, light, and geometry is located nearby the lighthouse. There are few squares and pyramids symbolizing the perfect forms created by nature and others created by human beings. Interesting architectural installation for those who look for symbols and are interested in it.

The House of the Sun

We did not go to Lake Shabla, we only got closer to Shabla Tuzla (a second lake separated from the sea), but instead enjoyed the last sunny moments on the beach The high season was over and nobody was to be seen around. There were only us and the endless sea, light, and wind. Such a serenity to be there at this moment!!!

Endless sea

Shabla and the region

If you are up to visit all the ”attractions” of the region, you can go to the Lake Shabla. It’s a lagoon (liman) and it’s separated from the sea by a sidebar. The Lake Shabla is situated outside the town and it’s better to go there by car. On the opposite side of the road is located in the village of Tyulenovo and Yaylata Natural Reserve. If you have two hours to spend, visit them. The best place to have seafood lunch is Dalboka Mussel Farm. Don’t bypass it, enjoy the terrace on the sea!


Shabla is a great area for bird-lovers and bird watching. Even if you don’t go there for that reason, you will see a lot of birds flying around.

Shabla is a great place for solitary walks and moments. Give it a try!

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