10 reasons to explore a food market in the Netherlands

Dutch food markets

Wondering what else to do while in the Netherlands apart from all the main tourist attractions? Want to experience a local atmosphere with delicious food and buy presents for your family and friends they will absolutely love?

Visit a Dutch food market and experience a unique immersion in Dutch culture, food and ambiance!

Taste the local cuisine: the only place where you can find all Dutch specialties all in all is the local food market.

Try row herring: typical must try Dutch dish. You can find it almost everywhere.

Fresh fish

French fries are considered to be Belgium specialty, but Dutch people just love them especially with mayo. You will be tempted to get some.

After this abundant lunch/ afternoon brunch, you can treat yourself to a warm and prepared on the spot stroopwafel – don’t leave the country without tasting it!

Stroopwafels 3

Want to experience a Dutch cheese tasting? That’s the right place to be! Wherever you go, there will be different stands with local farm Dutch cheese. The myriad of flavors to explore! You can even try cheese with lavender, weed, truffles and many other flavors!


Flowers, flowers, and more flowers! The famous tulip fields are not always easy to find and access, but if you go to the local market you will be impressed by all the tulips around! Do not hesitate and buy yourself a bouquet!


Fresh fish and sea fruit: if you are visiting friends, buy fresh fish and sea fruit for dinner. Make a feast and have fun!

Fresh fruit and vegetables: if you are vegetarian or vegan – that’s the best place for you to do your groceries. The supermarkets do not offer such a various choice!

Fruit and vegetables

Hang out with locals: curious to see how Dutch people live? The best spot!

Souvenir shopping: even though I live for years in the Netherlands, I buy my souvenirs from the market: cheese and stroopwafels are always welcomed! If you are lucky, you can find stroopwafels wrapped in a beautiful metal box with nice Dutch blue and white ornaments.


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