Bulgarian breakfast – a real feast for the eyes and the palate

When I travel I always book accommodation with breakfast included in order not to waste time in the morning. I would recommend you to do so but not in Bulgaria. Why? Because if you book a hotel in Bulgaria with a continental breakfast included you will miss out a big and an important part of discovering the country – the Bulgarian breakfast. If you book a guesthouse in the mountains or the villages you will be offered a homemade breakfast/ and food every day, but this is only valid in the small family owned guesthouses. However, if you prefer to book a room in a luxurious hotel, don’t ask for breakfast, otherwise, your experience won’t be authentic and you won’t have the chance to taste Bulgarian pastries. If you visit Bulgaria for the first time (and not only!!!) have a breakfast from the local bakeries (закусвални). In order to introduce you to the Bulgarian breakfast, I’ve chosen five different Bulgarian typical pastries full of calories and easy to find almost everywhere that you absolutely should try.

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