Rebuild yourself or how to handle your own bullshit?

The answer to the question How to achieve your goals

Self-development, positive thinking books, movies, podcasts, coaches and all kind of gurus and tips are blooming nowadays. A lot of people even go further and quit their jobs and lives and decide to run away to find themselves….. Feeling bad or anxious is baned and considered as something that one should not talk about and just avoid the subject. But the reality is that not everything and every day is roses and unicorns. I do not pretend to know all about it, not at all, I even struggle to take care of myself sometimes, but in order to find the best possible way to handle my own shit, I am going to put in writing all my thoughts on how to re-build yourself and how to handle your own bullshit. Am I on the right path or all I am saying is a complete bullshit…It’s up to you to decide…

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