Things to do to immerse yourself in festive Montreal

I have to describe Montreal in one word I would say “festive”. I was in Montreal for a training and I spent 3 weeks there. My brightest memory, however, is of how we immersed ourselves in the festive atmosphere of the city. There are festivals and things to do in Montreal every day, especially in the summer. Here is my list of things to do to immerse yourself in festive Montreal.

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My bucket list and things to do before you die

My bucket list

I am a big fan of all kind of Bucket lists, books about challenges to tick and you name it. Thus, I also have a lot of notebooks where I write down things to do, goals to achieve, places to visit before I die. Most of all, these tools motivate me and make me happy every time I tick one of the things I’ve written down. However, one of the best “things to try” tools for me remains the book ”203 Challenges – travel the world and explore your inner self” by Maria Angelova and Ivalina Nenova. This is a pocket, travel size book that can be your travel mate on the road. It will boost you to go out and explore the world by just opening it on a random page.

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