Constanța city walk – Old Casino, Mosque Carol I and Mamaia hidden park

Constanța was on my Bucket list for a while and last November I finally decided to pound the pavement and visit this charming Romanian city.

The Old Casino

Constanța is located in 150km north from Varna and is the most famous Romanian city on the North Black Sea Coast. The symbol of Constanta is the Old Casino situated on the seafront along the seaside walk. The building is designated as a historical monument by the Romanian government. Back at the days, it was well-known as “The Romanian Monte Carlo”. To be honest, I wanted to visit Constanța only to see this emblematic casino, and I have to admit “It’s worth it!”. I made a myriad of pictures of the monument and this is the souvenir I brought back home. 

Old Casino Constanta

As the weather was warm and shiny, I hanged out on the seaside walk and enjoyed the sunny day.

My next stop was the Mosque Carol I.

The Mosque Carol I is located in between the Old Casino and the main city centre street. It’s not a big mosque, but it has something hidden at the top. If you climb to the top, you will be overwhelmed by a 360° panoramic view over the entire city including the Casino, the Marina, the Statue of Ovid and the Museum of National History and Archeology. You’ll have the unique chance to make some photos from a bird’s-eye view. Don’t miss it out!!!

Mosque Carol I Constanta

After the Mosque Carol I, I continued my discovery to the main city square and had a coffee break in one of the numberless open-air cafes.

Museum of National History and Archeology

There is a Museum of National History and Archeology on the main square, so if you have the time, you can visit it. I love museums, but this time I decided to skip it.

Museum of National History and Archeology

The Statue of Publius Ovidius Naso

The statue of the Roman poet Ovid is located in front of the Museum of National History and Archeology. The great poet was sent to the remote Black Sea province by the emperor Augustus where he spent the rest of his life. The city honoured him by building a statue of him. It’s quite challenging to make a decent picture of the statue especially on a sunny day and I tried hard!!!

Ovid statue

Mamaia city park

Next and final stop of the trip was the City Park Mall in Mamaia district. Mamaia is considered as a resort, so we had a ride alongside. Once arrived at the City Park Mall, I realized that there was a huge park behind the shopping centre. I went for lunch and got a delicious mamaliga (traditional Romanian dish) first and enjoyed some fresh air in the park afterwards.

Mamaia city park

Constanța is a lovely city for a Sunday city walk and I highly recommend you to visit it if you are in the region.

Have you been to Romania?

Thanks for reading!!!!


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