Do you remember your childhood?

The spring is the best season in Bulgaria (at least for me) and there are many public holidays at this period of the year. That why, me and my husband, we decided to visit the region where he grew up and to see his former house, the woods he played with his friends back at the days and to immerse ourselves in his childhood for a weekend. We combined the trip with a stay in the mountains at a country house with relatives of ours.

Kalugerovo district

My husband’s relatives have a vacation house in the mountains near Sofia in a very remote area with no Wi-Fi, no cell phones, no digital devices at all!! So what we did all day long was to relax, breath fresh air and enjoy life! As our relatives have two kids, we played football with them, swung in the backyard, shot with an air gun (super fun by the way) and did many other things children actually do. That was a real digital, adult’s life and all kind of adults complications’ detox. The fact that we spent most of the time outdoors in nature fulfilled us with a feeling of pure happiness and gratitude.

Etropole Monastery of the Holy Trinity

After a great day of relaxation and fun, we decided to visit the town where my husband and his brother grew up – Etropole.

First stop in Etropole: the former house of my husband

The building my husband’s family lived in the past. As per their words, the place did not change much. Everything remained the same – the building, the playgrounds, even some of the local cafes. I made a picture of him ”20 years later” as a souvenir from the trip and the great time we spent there.

8 Street

We headed to the Etropole Monastery of the Holy Trinity, also known as Varovitets, afterward and also visited the waterfalls behind it. The monastery itself is very big and beautiful and there was a baptism that day. A path behind the temple walks you to the waterfalls and the woods. You can hike there, have a pick-nick, take a shower and admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Etropole waterfalls

Next stop: the endless meadow and Gerashov’s fountain.

When we were kids there were no TV, no Play station, no Wi-Fi, neither Youtube, so we had to entertain ourselves inventing new games and places to explore. My husband’s favorite place for these purposes was a meadow outside Etropole where he ran, played and hide when we were a kid. The terrain is massive, green, remote enough and endless. There is a lake in the middle where you can fish. Gerashov’s fountain is a code place where the gang reunited to invent new mischief.

Gerashov’s fountain

After the hike, it was time for a historical tour in Etropole.

Etropole was an important town in the past with very beautiful architecture. The town is also famous for its jokes about sons-in-law. There is a special day of the year on which the locals celebrate the sons-in-law with humor and jokes about them. I bought a little book full of jokes about the sons-in-law as a souvenir from Etropole.

Historical Museum Etropole

We visited the Historical Museum of Etropole which was а ”konak” in the past (an official residence during the Ottoman empire). The museum is situated in an impressive building with two floors showing the history of the town. The clock tower is nearby and it still counts the hours so the visitors know what’s the time of the day. After the historical tour, we had a refreshment in a local cafe in the center and admired the calmness of the place on Saturday afternoon.

Local cafe Etropole city center

Unfortunately, this amazing weekend came to end and it was time to go back home and to bring new memories with us!!!!

Do you plan to revisit the place or the places where you grew up?

Thanks for reading!!!!

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