My top 15 experiences of 2018!

My top 15 experiences of 2018!

Year 2018 was amazing and it’s coming to an end. It’s time to look at the whole year and to think about my top 15 experiences of 2018!

Movie: Bohemian Rhapsody

That’s the MOVIE of the year! Amazing actors, play, everything was just perfectly orchestrated in the movie, and the best of it – no nude scenes! Watching this movie at the cinema was a unique experience for me, I was overwhelmed by the music and the story! Loved it!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Series: Narcos

I will remember the soundtrack forever! I wondered why everybody was recommending me to watch Narcos, but now I know why. Because the actors, the play, the music and the whole set-up of the series is more than perfect, it’s real!


Song/ Music: Jazz Hip-Hop

I don’t have a favourite 2018 song, but an entire album. When we were in Hamburg with my husband we joined a sort of a ”freestyle neighbourhood hip-hop party”, but actually the music these guys were listening was a mix of jazz and hip-hop. So, enjoy my set of songs of 2018!

Weekend Relaxation Jazz Hip-Hop

Book: Zuleikha opens her eyes by Guzel Yakhina

I read a lot of nice books in 2018, but Zuleiha stands out of the list. My complete review can be read here: Book review of ”Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” by Guzel Yakhina


”Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” by Guzel Yakhina
”Zuleikha Opens Her Eyes” by Guzel Yakhina

My top experiences of 2018

Many to recall, some scary, others not, but the top 5 is here: 1. Scuba diving with a shark in Thailand; 2. Had a ride in a Belaz (240 tons) in Belarus; 3.Ate cockroaches in Thailand; 4.Participated in a rose picking ritual in Kazanlak, Bulgaria; 5. Enjoyed a High Tea Afternoon in London.

My top experiences of 2018

New acquisition: I bought a painting

I always wanted to buy a painting and hang it on a wall. When I was in Liege, I saw a very nice gallery with dot paintings, but unfortunately, it was closed that day. Since then, I was looking for the ”perfect painting” and found it. To know more where and how did I find it, read my Christmas activities list here: How to make the best of Christmas and enjoy the holiday season

My new painting

Trip: Belarus

I travelled a lot in 2018, but the trip to Belarus remains the best. Because it was not planned, spontaneous and we decided on the spot what to do and where to go. It was also very romantic as it was snowing during our stay. Highly recommend visiting this underrated country!

10 and more reasons to visit Minsk in Belarus - Belaz
Belaz, Belarus

Place: Maximapark

What else? Of course that the parc behind my house is the place where I spent the most of my free time – to walk, to run, to meditate, to enjoy the company of the farm’s animals.

Maximapark in Utrecht

Event: Christmas party

Our Company Christmas Party is the highlight of the end of 2018. Costume photo shooting session, mouth-melting dinner, full dance floor and all this in a good company!

Christmas party in Amsterdam

Food: Syrnyky

Fried quark pancakes traditional for former USSR countries called in Russian and served with sour cream, jam or honey are the perfect beginning of the day! It’s even better when you have Russian speaking friends at work who bring you syrnyky just for you!


Drink: White wine combination of Traminer, Muscat, and Chardonnay from Winery Messembria

That’s was the best white wine I’ve ever tasted. My complete review on Nessebar, where and how to find the Winery and what absolutely not miss out can be read here: Summer breeze in Messembria: 5 reasons to visit Nessebar this summer

Winery Messembria

Product: Ultra Hydrating Black Soap by Rituals

I am not going to make a product review here, I would just say give it a try! This product is heavenly amazing, it brings a whole new spa experience at your own home. I used mainly Rituals products for bathing and showering and can recommend them all!

Ultra Hydrating Black Soap by Rituals

Achievement: Replanted the yard in front of my house

Finally, in April, we bought some plants and did some gardening. The result? On the picture!

My backyard

Quote: Life is short, do stuff that matters

Read why life is short and why you should do much more stuff that matters!

Decision: Exercise more

I don’t like going to the gym and for me making time for working out is a hassle, but, for the first time in my life, the time spent at the gym and in the park pays out. I am in my best shape now! I tried fit boxing, barre workout, group exercises and others and actually found the exercises that suit me best. I decided to do more running, barre and stretching for the shoulders, the neck and the back. My NY’s resolution – to continue!

What are your top 15 experiences of 2018?

Share, because you care! Thanks for reading!