10 essentials that every traveller must have

People who love travelling usually do not possess a lot of items, however, they are the ones for whom you wander every time about what to buy them for their birthdays and special occasions. My friends and I, we are serious travel addicts and I decided to list down 10 essentials that every traveller must have. Thus, this list can be continued and also used for presents for globetrotters.

Essential #1: Get a tattoo related to travelling

Personally, I am a big fan of minimalist tattoos and I have few on my body. Likewise, the one you can see below is related to my biggest passion – travelling and is an essential must-have if you are a serious wanderlust. 

My bucket list for 2022 - travels to make happen as soon as possible

Must-have #2 for every traveller: beautiful necklace

Furthermore, I am in love with accessories that can refresh my outfits. I have two travel necklaces, but this one is brand new. Not to mention that I highly recommend the brand Vestopazzo that I discovered recently. A part from this beauty below, they do have other necklaces that every traveller and mountain lover must absolutely have.

10 essentials that every traveller must have - travel necklace

Idea #3 for an essential that every wanderlust must have: passport cover

Next comes another great essential that every traveller must have – a passport cover. I got this lovely personalized passport cover as a birthday present. Not only you have a great choice of passport covers, but also you can build up your own model on the website. Do not hesitate to order this essential that every traveller must have when you are looking for a present for a globetrotter. 

10 essentials that every travller must have - passport cover

Item #4 that every traveller must have is a comfortable T-shirt

T-shirts are quite useful presents when it comes to people who love travelling. They do not take space in the luggage especially if you rely on low-cost backpacking or weekend escapes. I love white T-shirts and always buy one for the next trip ): Highly recommend this brand as they have a big variety of essentials that every traveller must have as T-shirts, mugs and sneakers. 

10 essentials that every traveller must have - a travel T-shirt

Essential #5 that every globetrotter must have: travel guides

As I am keen on travelling, I read travel guides, travel blogs and meet people who are like-minded. Although I check blogs and vlogs before heading to the destination of my choice, when it comes to long journeys, I prefer to get a travel guide. Lonely Planet travel guides are my favourite ones and are the top essential books in my library.

10 essentials that every travel addict must have - Lonely Planet travel guides

Essential #6 that every traveller must have to save money for travelling: a piggy bank

Well, my piggy bank is not a piggy, but a globe bank, nevertheless, it helps me to keep control of my expenses and to save money for my next adventure. This one is pretty cool and has all the countries with all the capitals on it. Just love it!

10 essentials that every travel addict must have - piggy bank

Special essential #7 for a travelling couple: key holders

Another great travelling item that I bought in Bansko a few years ago are these key holders for a travelling couple. I did not find yet my travel soulmate, but once this becomes a reality, I will give him the second key holder. Needless to say that this is an amazing present for a wanderlust couple.

10 essentials that every traveller must have - a key holder with the globe

Essential #8: travel purse with cosmetics that every traveller needs

This is a travel purse filled in with cosmetics in travel size that a friend of mine has offered to me. It contains all I need for my trips: shampoo, shower gel, perfume, face mask, eye patches, hand cream and other essentials that can easily be packed in a backpack! Therefore, highly recommend this great idea with cosmetic essentials that every traveller must have as a great idea for a present. 

Essential #9: souvenir place to remind you of all the places you have been to

I have a “souvenir place” where I put pictures and postcards from all the places I visit. In addition, I also have a place where I put all the souvenirs that I buy during my trips. This is an absolute must essential for every traveller and you can go creative on how it can look according to your taste and preferences.

10 essentials that every traveller must have - souvenir place

Essential #10: Create a travel blog or vlog

Last but not least, I created my blog in order to keep a record of all the beautiful countries, cities and places I have visited so far. This is a sort of diary for me and I enjoy reading it!

10 must-haves for every globetrotter

To conclude, that was my list of essentials that every traveller must have. You can use this post as an inspiration for what to buy for your friends that love travelling or just for yourself. Nevertheless, don’t forget to bring great memories at first place.

So, where are you heading next and what are you going to take with you and bring from that place afterwards?

Thanks for reading!