Things to do to immerse yourself in festive Montreal

I have to describe Montreal in one word I would say “festive”. I was in Montreal for a training and I spent 3 weeks there. My brightest memory, however, is of how we immersed ourselves in the festive atmosphere of the city. There are festivals and things to do in Montreal every day, especially in the summer. Here is my list of things to do to immerse yourself in festive Montreal.

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20 interesting attractions in Varna and the region

attractions in Varna and the region

Varna is one of the oldest cities in the world and is the Black Sea capital of Bulgaria. There is an airport and many low-cost airlines provide direct flights to Varna, especially in the summer. To make it easy, I selected 20 interesting attractions to visit in Varna and the region. As a bonus, I listed a few amazing places to eat and taste the local cuisine.

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Hiking the heavenly beautiful 7 Rila Lakes in Bulgaria

The time has come to put in writing one of the best trips in my life – from Sofia to Sofia hiking through the heavenly beautiful Rila 7 Lakes, tasting wine in Melnik and hang out in Blagoevgrad. I made the 7 Rila Lakes trip just before moving to the Netherlands to remind me how beautiful Bulgaria is. I treated myself to a unique hiking experience exploring the 7 Rila Lakes and the great scenery you can admire from the Melnik cliffs.

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Souvenirs – memories to bring back home from your next trip

Souvenirs - memories to bring back home from your next trip - cover picture

Do you bring souvenirs from your travels or you make pictures and prefer to capture the moments in your mind? Magnets were very popular at some point, but the problem is that they are almost ”useless”….That’s why, if I find something nice and original while I travel, I buy it to remind me of the city or the country I’ve visited. Here is my selection of souvenirs that I brought home from some of my trips.

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