Interesting facts about The Palace of Euxinograd

Bulgarian Versailles, Residence Euxinograd

It’s always a good idea to spend a day like a tourist in Varna (where I live) and to discover places I’ve never been to before. Summer 2020 brought me to the Palace of Euxinograd and I was delighted to learn a few interesting facts about the Bulgarian Versailles. Euxinograd is a former royal summer residence and is one of the few well-preserved buildings that remind us of the Bulgarian royal family. Residence Euxinograd has gained popularity among the public since it opened its doors and gardens to visitors a few years ago.

I will skip all the details about the architecture and the history of the Palace of Euxinograd as there is an amazing guided tour offered on the spot. Instead, I will excite your curiosity with a few interesting facts about the Palace of Euxinograd.

Visiting Euxinograd Palace Varna
Visiting Euxinograd Palace near Varna

Interesting fact 1: Palace of Euxinograd is built upon the Saint Dimitar’s Monastery plot

In the beginning, there was Saint Dimitar Monastry built up in 1821 on the plot where the Residence of Euxinograd is situated nowadays. So, the place for the royal summer residence was not chosen randomly.

The park of Euxinograd, Varna
The gardens of Euxinograd

Palace of Euxinograd is designed in the French chateau-style Louis XIII

Next interesting fact is that, very often, the Palace of Euxinograd is called Bulgarian Versailles. This is because it’s designed in the French chateau-style Louis XIII.

Furthermore, under the main terrace, you can see a piece of the central fronton of the roof of the French Chateau de Saint-Cloud.

Central fronton of the roof of the French Chateau de Saint-Cloud, Residence Euxinoograd
Central fronton of the roof of the French Chateau de Saint-Cloud, Residence Euxinoograd

Euxinograd gardens: a century-old redwood and a 114-years old palm tree

While walking through the beautiful gardens and admiring the park of Euxinograd, you will see a century-old redwood. The tree is massive and according to local superstition, it emanates positive energy if you come closer and touch it.

French greenhouse, Residence Euxinograd
French greenhouse, Palace of Euxinograd

Another interesting fact about the Palace of Euxinograd, I was impressed by is that there is a 114-years old palm tree in the French greenhouse. This is something I would highly recommend not to miss out!

Century-old redwood, Residence Euxinograd
Century-old redwood in the gardens of Palace of Euxinograd

The cherry on the cake: Euxinograd vineyard and winery

Another key point is that there are a vineyard and a winery “Euxinograd” where only white wines and brandy are produced. Winery Euxinograd is the oldest winery in the country. It was founded in 1891. You can taste 12 grape varieties (only white wines), 2 types of Bulgarian rakia (strong alcohol popular in the Balkans) and 7 types of brandy. The most famous brandy produced in Euxinograd is called “Evksinyak” and it takes between 10 and 20 years to mature in oak barrels.

Winery Euxinograd, Residence Euxinograd

I kept the most interesting fact about the Palace of Euxinograd for the end –  the oldest bottle of wine preserved in Euxinograd wine cellar is a French Bordeaux dated as of 1878.

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Explore Varna and have fun!

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