My best travel escapes and experiences in 2022!

2022 started in the best way it could have started with a sunrise party on the beach, a hike in the mountains, a greeting of the golden hour and a party on the main city square in Varna. With such a fresh beginning of the year, I could not have imagined 2022 otherwise than full of great travel escapes and amazing experiences throughout the year.

End of 2022.

Here is the summary of my best travel escapes and experiences in 2022!

My best travel escapes and experiences in 2022

January mountain escape: hiking Vitosha mountain near Sofia

The first month of the year began with a snowy and windy escape in the mountains and my first hike in the wintertime. I went to Vitosha mountain near Sofia and experienced an entire day in the snow. For those who are planning to visit Bulgaria and Sofia, I would highly recommend planning one day hiking in the Vitosha mountain. For more info what you can see and do in Sofia, read here: 12 BEST CITIES IN BULGARIA TO VISIT IN EVERY SEASON.

Hiking Vitosha mountain near Sofia

February weekend escape to Edirne, Turkey

Next, In February, I visited Edirne, a Turkish city well-known for shopping and the biggest mosque in Turkey – Selimiye Camii. However, the best experiences I had in Edirne is my escape to a traditional Turkish bath – Saray Hamami and to Erasta mall afterward where I bought a necklace with a diamond for myself.

Turkish bath Saray Hamami

More information what you can do and see in Edirne, find here: TOP ACTIVITIES TO NOT MISS OUT IN EDIRNE, TURKEY FOR ONE WEEKEND

Experience Cappadocia in March

Likewise, In March, it was a great time to go for a girls’ travel escape and experience in Cappadocia – fly in a hot-air balloon, admire dervish dances and see the mind-blowing valleys of the entire region. We stayed in a hotel in a cave and went for a local wine-testing in a family owned winery. Cappadocia is like no other region in Turkey and it has a special peacful vibe, not only because of its landscapes, but because it was a crossroad of different nations, religions and cultures. The bext experience you can offer to yourself in Cappadocia is to fly in a hot-air balloon. It might be expensive, but it is definetely worth it as this is the only way to see the entire valley and how endless it is.

Fly in a hot-air balloon in Cappadocia

Rafting experience, zip-line adventure and hiking Melnik region in Bulgaria in April

Furthermore, In April the adventurous spirit hasn’t left me and I went for a Rafting on Struma river, a zip-line experience and hiking the pyramids of Melnik. The weather was beautiful and this little Bulgarian escape in the wild ad the nature was great and I enjoyed it at the fullest.

Rafting on Struma river in Bulgaria.
Travel escape in Melnik region, Bulgaria

Egyptian travel escape and experience in May

Finally, In May, the time has come for the most awaited experience of 2022 – my first trip to Egypt. Needless to say that I saw the pyramids of Giza, went to Cairo museum, scuba-dived in the Red Sea, had a one-day travel escape to Luxor and enjoyed the sun, the beach and good food in Hurghada.

In additione, In May, I also visited the Museum of Illusions in Veliko Tarnovo. There is another museum of Illusions in Sofia as well, so if you prefer to visit that one, check out it here: Museum of Illusions Sofia.

A long weekend in Puglia and a press trip to Troyan with ASTOM travel bloggers in Bulgaria

Furthermore, In June, I enjoyed an Italian girls’ travel escape in Bari, Polignano a Mare and Arbelobello. We enjoyed La Dolce Vita with orecchiette alla barese accompanied with Italian wine and a gelato for dessert in between picturesque views and touristic attractions.

Orecchiette alla barese
Polignano a Mare

Also, In June, I was invited to a press trip to Troyan (a small city in Bulgaria) together with other travel bloggers from Bulglaria. My review and my impressions on Troyan and the region can be found here: NATURE, AUTHENTIC CRAFTS, AND DELICIOUS FOOD IN TROYAN AND THE REGION.

Troyan, Bulgaria

La Vita e bella in Milan and the Lake Como in July

Likewise, my Italian travel escape continued in July and I had the chance to spend 10 days in Milan and Lake Como. I have to say that I experienced Milan and the region of Lake Como to the fullest starting with climbing the rooftop of the Duomo in Milan, having a coffee at Pasticceria Marchesi in Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, visiting Armani Silos and Fondazione Prada, buying a design backpack and spending almost a week on the Lake Como visiting all the gardens of the villas on the Lake, tasting a cold glass of champion on the terrace of Grand Hotel Tremezzo, enjoying a boat trip in a hot afternoon, and eating a lot of pizza, pasta and gelato. What did I buy from Milan – a design backpack from Nava Design. Can’t wait to visit Sicily next time….

Duomo di Milano
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Armani Silos collection, Milan
Bosco Verticale
Fondazione Prada
Lake Como, Varenna, Italy
Lake Como, Italy

Hiking Botev peak in Bulgaria in August

Then, in August I stayed in Bulgaria and every weekend went for a hike in the nearby mountains. I finally managed to conquer Botev peak which is considered being most difficult and with unpredictible weather. We had great weather and I am extremely happy to be able to tick tis item on my Bucket list as one of the best experiences for 2022!

Hiking Botev pick in Bulgaria

Moreover, In August, I went to an open-air music festival “Open Buzludzha” in Bulgaria. That was my first open-air festival and I enjoyed the outdoors a lot.

Open Buzludzha fest in Bulgaria

Travel escape in Bulgaria and Rock-hewn churches experience in Ivanovo in September

In September it was time to relax and enjoy the summer in Varna! However, I had a little escape and visited the Rock-Hewn Churches of Ivanovo village, near Ruse. In the valley of Rusenski Lom River, in Northeastern Bulgaria, a complex of rock-hewn churches, chapels, monasteries and cells is situated. This is where the first hermits had dug out their cells and churches during the 12th-century. The 14th century murals testify to the exceptional skill of the artists belonging to the Tarnovo Painting School. I was looking forward for this one-day trip as I wated to visit the region for years. 

Rock-hewn churches in Ivanovo, Bulgaria

Travel escape to Sofia in October

Then, In October I went to Sofia on a business trip, but managed to have walk in the beautiful capital of Bulgaria. What you can visit so far in Sofia: Alexandar Nevsky cathedral, The Russian church, St Kliment Ohridski, the National Theatre. This time I visited the catacombs of St Sofia church and the tram stop Vishneva. I am planning to visit the Snail house, Sofia History Museum, Museum-house Ivan Vazov, Museum-house Dimitar Dimov, Alexandar Nevsky Crypt Museum and Cabana – Rooftop Beach Bar.

Tram station Vishneva in Sofia.

For more information what to experience in Bulgaria, check out here: DISCOVER BULGARIA AND TRY THESE 10 TYPICAL BULGARIAN EXPERIENCES

November travel escape: Portugal

Unexpectedly, In November I went for a trip to Portugal where I visited Lisbon, Porto, Cabo da Roca, the oceanside with the highest waves, admired azulejo murals, tasted pastel del nata, had a glass of Porto wine and bough a bag made of cork.

Belém Tower in Lisbon
Ruins of the gothic church of our lady of mount carmel (igreja do carmo), destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, Lisbon
Sintra, Portugal

December: get ready for travel escapes and experiences in 2023

Lastly, December was the time of the year for me to relax, have some time off at home and make a plan for the next year. What’s coming next? Well, the best escapes and experiences of 2023 of course!

End of 2022

Travel never stop and enjoy life!

Thanks for reading!