How to spend a girly weekend escape in Varna, Bulgaria

How to spend a girly weekend escape in Varna Bulgaria

Varna is getting more and more popular among tourists and is a great destination for a weekend escape. At the occasion of International Women Day, I’ve decided to dedicate a blog post to all the female travellers who are seeking to spend a cool girly weekend escape in a sunny place.

Let’s hit the road and head to a great weekend full of awesome activities in Varna.

The first thing to do on your weekend escape in Varna: go for a walk or for jogging at the seaside

The Sea Garden and the long alley along the beach are a great spot for a morning walk or jogging early in the morning or all day long. On a sunny day (and I can assure you) we have plenty of them, you will see many people having a walk or jogging along the sea. You will feel the energy flowing your body, mind, and soul and you will be grateful for taking your sneakers on your weekend escape in Varna!

Having a walk on the beach or go for jogging in Varna during your weekend escape
Having a walk on the beach or go jogging in Varna

The second must-do while spending a weekend in Varna: having a cappuccino with a painting at Cherry by Mary

If you want to relax after the jogging, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the numerous beach bars (all of them open starting at 8.00 a.m.) or you can wait till 8.30 and have a cappuccino with a painting at Cherry by Mary, especially done by barista Vladimir Stoev. I highly recommend you visit at least once Cherry by Mary cafes as they do have a great location and offer a myriad of sweets and hot beverages.

Cappucino with painting by barista Vladimir Stoev Cherry by Mary in Varna
Cappucino with a painting by barista Vladimir Stoev Cherry by Mary

Third activity to relax and enjoy a moment for yourself: get into a warm, open-air mineral pool in Varna

Therefore, you prefer than out n the beach and you love hot spring, you can relax at Moonlight Bar&Restaurant where they offer to all the visitors a mineral hot swimming pool open 24/7. The swimming pool is literally located on the beach and you can relax, have a cup of coffee and enjoy a great sea view.

Hot open-air pool at Moonlight Bar and Restaurant Varna, Bulgaria to visit during your weekend escape
Hot open-air mineral pool at Moonlight Bar and Restaurant Varna, Bulgaria

The fourth thing to do: get in shape in the Fit Garden

For those who love sports, there is a new place for women’s group activities called “Fit Garden“. The sport center is located at the end of the Sea Garden and is close to ParkMart. You can reach it walking straight away from the Sea Garden till the end basically. Fit Garden Centre offers yoga, pilates, stretching, and HIIT activities and you can sign up for a class of your choice in advance. The venue is amazing and is dedicated to all the women who love themselves ):

Fit Garden that you can visit during your weekend stay in Varna, Bulgaria
Fit Garden Varna

Fifth activity to plan while in Varna, Bulgaria: have a half-day in AQUAHOUSE Thermal & Beach

This is one of the best ever Spa places I’ve ever been. The best is the sauna with a huge window and a great view of the sea. I prefer going in the evenings as you can admire the sea during the dark hours of the day. The Aquahouse has hot mineral open-air pools and pools with glacial water as well. They do offer indoor pools, outdoor pools, a gym, and a kids’ area for all those who prefer to spend the weekend with their beloved ones. A great place to visit while you are in Varna. You can reach the Aquahouse by public transport – bus 31A goes there and you can take it in front of the Cathedrale.

Aqua House St St Konstantin and Elena
Aqua House St St Konstantin and Elena

Last, but not least, Varna is a great shopping destination and a great place to visit throughout the whole year. Buy a plane ticket and enjoy a sunny destination like Varna!

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Thanks for reading!