Paris, je t’aime – itinerary for one Parisian weekend

Paris is the city of love, to find love, to fall in love or just to be there with your beloved ones. I travelled to Paris many times and every time is like I am for the first time there. There are many books, movies, songs, paintings inspired by the sublime city of Paris. Making an itinerary for a Parisian weekend is easy nowadays as It’s the must-do destination for everyone once in a lifetime.

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Things to do and discover in Silistra – the apricot paradise of Bulgaria

Things to do and discover Silistra - the apricot paradise of Bulgaria - cover picture

Despite the low-cost airlines’ invasion, Bulgaria remains quite unexplored, especially the Northeastern region. I currently live in the Netherlands, but originally come from Silistra – a small city on the Danube river. Northeastern Bulgaria or as I call it, the apricot paradise has a lot to offer in terms of history, culture, food, and tips to have a good time. And it’s definitely out of the beaten tourist path.

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