Travel romance movies shot at bucket list locations

Travel romance movies

At the occasion of Saint Valentine’s day, I would like to list 10 of the best romance movies shot at amazing bucket list locations. Some of the travel romance movies I’ve selected are based on books that I am going to mention for all the book lovers as well. However, if you already have met your travel mate and you share the same passion for movies and travelling, just get yourself comfortable and enjoy my list.

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6 days itinerary to have fun in fancy Dubai

Dubai has never been on my bucket list and to go there was a very spontaneous decision. I just came back from my summer vacation in Bulgaria and immediately started thinking about where to go next…One of my best friends lives in Dubai and I decided that it was time to visit this fancy place and have fun with her.

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Museum of Glass and Submarine “Slava” in Beloslav

Museum of Glass and Submarine Slava in Beloslav

2021 has arrived and it’s time to hit the road again. I made a list of few places near Varna that I would like to visit this year and I started with the first one – the Museum of Glass and Submarine “Slava” (which means “glory” in Bulgarian) in Beloslav near Varna, Bulgaria. Both museums are located close to each in the little town of Beloslav in Varna region.

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