19 unforgettable places that I visited in 2019

The year 2019 was very generous in terms of travelling. I am grateful that I could make it to 10 countries visited with way more beautiful cities, beaches, landscapes, natural wonders and you name it.

I am going to trace the best of my travelling diary of 2019.

1. Vienna. Why? Because it’s a splendid city and the Viennese coffee and apple strudel in the afternoon are a real delight ):

Viennese apple strudel

2. Castelul de Lut Valea Zanelor. Why? To be a part of a fairy tale at least for a day.

Castelul de Lut Valea Zanelor

3. Sfanta Monastire Dervent in the village of Ostrov. Why? To see a grandiose monastery in a tiny village.

Sfanta Monastire Dervent

4. The festival Kukerlandia in Yambol. Why? To chase the evil.

Chase the evil during the festival Kukerlandia

5. Shumen and the monument 1300 year Bulgaria. Why? To feel small in front of this majestic sight.

Monument 1300 year Bulgaria in Shumen

6. The ancient ruins of Petra. Why? To follow the steps of Indiana Jones.


7. Jerusalem. Why? To become a pilgrim.


8. Koprivshtitsa. Why? To dive deep in the revolutionary times of Bulgaria.

9. Auschwitz. Why? Always remember the atrocity of world history.


10. Gdansk. Why? To eat pierogi.


11. Zheravna. Why? To get dressed in a Bulgarian traditional national costume.

12. Opava. Why? To be watched by the giant metal birds in the central park.


13. White Lagoon near Balchik. Why? To swim in turquoise waters.

White Lagoon near Balchik

14. Kamchia. Why? To visit one of the virgin beaches in Bulgaria with great surroundings and nature.


15. Istanbul. Why? To say “Hello” to the cats of Istanbul.

Princes’ islands near Istanbul

16. Constanta. Why? To climb at the top of Mosque Carol I and to admire the panoramic view.

Mosque Carol I in Constanta

17. Shabla. Why? To visit the Oldest Lighthouse in Bulgaria.

The oldest lighthouse in Bulgaria in Shabla

18. Prohodna cave. Why? To see that God is watching you through his eyes.

Prohodna cave

19. Dobrich. Why? To have a coffee in the Old Dobrich and to eat the most delicious Bulgarian homemade bread.

Old Dobrich

I am sure that 2020 will bring more interesting destinations and adventures.

Thanks for reading!


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